Season 1, Episode 1
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Air date February 7th,2013
Written by Daddad321
Directed by Daddad321
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N/A Love Songs

Written By Daddad321. Airs on Febuary 7th, 2013. This is the season premiere of Acapellas.


Coming off from their Finals win, The Bad Boyz search for new members to join. Meanwhile The Roses also try to find members. The two groups come together to have a open audition. Haley, Amanda , Kat , Danny , Kelly , and Jake sing an acapella version of Dark Side. Each of them get in. As a late audition Bella runs on the stage. She introduces herself and sings Don't Rain On My Parade with applause from Harmony, Emma and Tyler. She also gets in.

In the Garden, the Seeds (Haley, Amanda, Kat, Kelly and Bella) have their Initiation Ceremony. Harmony tells them that there are 4 stages in the Roses. The highest is the Rose also known as the leader of The Roses(Harmony). The next is the Leaf also kown as second in command (Emma). The third is the Buds also known as Seeds who participated in a competiion. And last the Seeds also known as Newcomers. She also tells them that being in the Roses takes a lot of hard work. Bella asks her to show what she means. Harmony then instructs Bella to sing the lead in their booty camp song. Bella then says ok and starts the song. They perform Can't Back Down while dancing extreme dance moves. Bella then tells Harmony that that wasn't necessary. Harmony then tells her to run ten laps around the garden. She does.

In the lounge, Tyler shows Danny and Jake around. he tells them that he has one rule. You can never date a Rose. Danny asks to see them perform. Tyler and the Bad Boyz then perform Just The Way You Are.